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About Us

"BAMML is 100% black owned with 50% black female ownership"

BAMML Inc (‘BAMML’) is an Accounting, Audit, Human Resources and Business Analyst firm with much focus on finance (Accounting, Tax, Auditing) and Human Resources Management. Our aim is to provide support that will ensure proper accountability and planning of company resources and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

BAMML Inc. analyses your business performance focusing/using our expertise from the accounting, human resources and client experience fields.

With retail, service based industries and relevant businesses, on a monthly basis we analyse products on the shelf or services and offer qualitative feedback based on the analysis performed. This seeks to enhance the day to day running of the business and client satisfaction.

For projects, we monitor your expenditure per project vs. budgeted costs. On our monthly management accounts we report per project.

BAMML Inc. will take care of general accounting needs and taxes i.e. Normal Taxes, Vat and PAYE on a monthly basis. We advise on business taxes that are appropriate for your business whilst analysing your current position.

With Human Resource Management, we manage your total HR needs I.e Industrial relations needs (Disciplinary hearings, CCMA cases, policy development), Human resources Administration (Payroll, Leave management, UIF and EMP201 monthly submissions, Performance management and annual COIDA submissions)

Our passion is also in the enhancement of the experience clients have when interacting with our business partners, we therefore track, oversee and optimize all customer interactions thus increasing the level of client satisfaction.

BAMML is 100% black owned company with 50% black female ownership.


Benefits of Partnering with BAMML Inc.

  • We partner with your business to provide supporting services and take care of your back office
  • You gain control on your business expenditure so as to plan for future projects
  • You will always be up to date with your taxes and any other legislative requirements
  • With our monthly management retainer we provide you with project accounting product analysis
  • You gain access to scarce resources or rather indispensable resources to growing businesses


BAMML Inc. offers a wide spectrum of consultation services which ensures that you can put your clients needs at the core of what you do and we worry about the rest.

Our services can be performed either at the clients’ premises or at BAMML Inc. premises.